Satoshi Mines
Satoshi Mines


Archives on FileIce

Here you will find my erudite information archives on FileIce.

Originally a harvested collection of fruitful statements made by staff in the official FileIce forums, I have since concisely rewritten them in the interest of conveniently providing affiliates with accurate information.

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  • Content Gateways

    To access and download link-specific files hosted on FileIce, a potential lead (without an affiliate account and the required Premium Credits) will first be required to complete a prompted Survey/Offer via a Content Gateway. These Surveys/Offers are...

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  • Clicks

    Clicks are logged whenever a potential lead clicks on a FileIce affiliates unique download link. The source of each individual click is recorded and the total number is reflected in the File Statistics area of the corresponding affiliate\'s account...

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  • Downloads

    Because FileIce is a PPD (Pay Per Download) platform, affiliates require leads to download their FileIce hosted file(s)upon each successful completion of the corresponding Survey/Offer. Only after the pertaining file(s) have been downloaded will the...

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  • Earnings

    For every Survey/Offer that a lead successfully completes, the referring affiliate account will be credited with earnings. These earnings are a commission determined by the Advertiser’s decided value of each individual Survey/Offer they supply...

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  • Conversions

    Conversions are determined on a Clicks to Downloads basis. This ratio is then calculated into a percentage in real-time and made viewable in the File Statistic’s area of the affiliate account Dashboard so that affiliates can monitor file download...

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  • Customizable Widgets

    FileIce provides its affiliates with the option of customizing the widgets that contain prompted Survey/Offer content. This allows affiliates to implement and tailor the graphic appeal of their Content Gateway to match that of their own websites. A...

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