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Archives on FileIce

Here you will find my erudite information archives on FileIce.

Originally a harvested collection of fruitful statements made by staff in the official FileIce forums, I have since concisely rewritten them in the interest of conveniently providing affiliates with accurate information.

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Site Policies
  • Data Protection

    As a LLC, FileIce is obligated to take adequate measures to protect user data. This is to protect the rights and privacy of all visitors (including affiliates), and to ensure their data is not processed without their knowledge and prior consent. This...

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  • Taxes

    Internationally, most citizens earning an income online are legally subject to pay income tax and are provisionally required by their state of residence to declare such earnings. Earnings from foreign sources usually have a capital threshold stating...

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  • Approval of Earnings

    Earnings acquired by affiliates each month require manual approval by FileIce staff before they can be processed for potential release. Approved earnings must exceed a threshold of $50.00 before payment can be requested. The approval process usually...

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  • Reserved Rights

    As per their Terms of Service, FileIce reserves certain rights. These rights include (but are not limited to); suspension or termination of any affiliates they wish without reason (including forfeiture of earnings), the right to charge for their services,...

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  • Anti-Cheating

    In the interest of sustaining a fair and legally proficient user base, FileIce has certain counter measures in place to detect and flag affiliates suspected of unfairly exploiting areas of financial interest deemed detrimental to company development....

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  • Banned Accounts

    Should an affiliate account be banned, the account owner has a limited right to appeal. Appeals should always be facilitated through the correct channels. This should take place via email or support ticket, and not over the FileIce forums.

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