Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions I get asked regularly. I will update these as I see appropriate. If you have a question that isn't answered here, you can contact me directly at: admin@fileicereview.com

Is FileIce legitimate?
Yes. FileIce is entirely legitimate and a well recognised registered LLC.

How does FileIce payout so much and still make money?
The difference between FileIce and other PPD companys is that it shares a larger percentage of the profit it makes from Advertisers with its Affiliates than potential competitors. This increases its popularity among Affiliates, further increasing its Affiliate user base. A larger number of Affiliates results in a larger number of completed surveys, further resulting in FileIce producing a positive cash-flow and an increase in profit margins. This means FileIce gains a strategic lead in the competing price war, because they have the ability to undercut their competition by amplifying payouts in order to boost market share and potentially drive lower paying PPD companies out of business. If you still don't understand, I offer a more detailed explanation of this in my CPA page.

Why is FileIce asking for my SSN? Is it safe to provide it?
Just like a regular US employer, FileIce requires a Social Security Number from each US citizen it employs for tax declaration purposes. As a US citizen, failing to provide your employer with a correct SSN may result in the invocation of criminal charges, consequently resulting in penalty fines and/or imprisonment.

Why wasn't my FileIce application approved?
FileIce does not accept everybody that applies. However, your application may simply require revision. I've included a registration walkthrough in my Registration page, I suggest you read it.

What marketing methods do you recommend?
There are an infinite number of methods you can use. I've included some of the most effective in my Methods page. The best ones are typically the least saturated. Do some research and look for a niche nobody has yet exploited, then plan an effective marketing strategy and execute it.

My marketing method isn't working, what am I doing wrong?
If you're failing to make a reasonable profit, you need to revise your marketing strategy or consider exploring new marketing methods. Sometimes the best methods require an investment of both your time and your money before you can really see the effects.

I was paid $0.45 for one download and $14.80 for another, what happened?
Credited funds currently average at $1.00 per survey. However, the payout calculation per survey is dependent on many factors; including what country the customer's IP is flagged in, which survey the customer is completing, and if the customer has a premium FileIce account. I cover this further in my How It Works page.