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Archives on FileIce

Here you will find my erudite information archives on FileIce.

Originally a harvested collection of fruitful statements made by staff in the official FileIce forums, I have since concisely rewritten them in the interest of conveniently providing affiliates with accurate information.

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A check is a tangible piece of paper that contains a written order instructing a bank to pay a specific sum of money from the issuing party to another. On the check, the name Crosstown Services Inc. will be prominently visible. This is the third-party payment check processing and distribution service FileIce uses to pay affiliates.

For all FileIce check withdrawals, an automatic fixed fee of $4.00 is imposed. Dependant on the recipient location and the commercial nature of their bank policies, there may also be an additional foreign check processing fee deducted for handling. The time it takes banks to process upon receipt may also vary.

On a pertaining bank statement, the check payment will reflect as a DEP (deposit abbreviation) and include INT'L SERVICES CTR in the deposit description. Payout by check is reputably the cheapest FileIce payout option. Although checks may take a while to arrive and process, fees are low and checks are rarely lost in transit. Delivery time typically depends on which postage option is selected. Here are a few rough estimates:

Affiliates in the USA:
Default/USPS First Class: 3 - 4 Days
USPS Priority: 2 Days
Two Day Express: 2 Days
One Day Express: 1 Day

Affiliates outside the USA (Canada, UK, etc):
Default/USPS First Class: 1 - 2 Weeks
USPS Priority: 1 Week
Two Day Express: 2 Days
One Day Express: 1 Day

Affiliates outside the USA (India, Philippines, China, etc):
Default/USPS First Class: 1 Month
USPS Priority: 1 - 3 Weeks
Two Day Express: 2 - 3 Days
One Day Express: 1 - 2 Days