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A more detailed review of FileIce, expanding on what matters...

by Jacob Riggs

For millions of people, the internet has become a source of income that ranges from a few bucks each week to making millions of dollars depending on what method they are using. However, for the millions of others who have yet to find a source of income on the web, searching for the right product or method can be quite frustrating.

One money-making solution that has garnered some attention is a program known as “FileIce”. FileIce has helped thousands of people earn extra money with relatively minimal effort, but is it really worth your time and effort? In this FileIce review, we’ll look at what the program does and how it works to provide you with a steady stream of income.

What is FileIce?

Basically, this is a Pay Per Download network that allows affiliates to both register and receive commissions for the work that they do. FileIce is a host-site that allows registered affiliates to upload files that they intend to share with others online. When someone attempts to download and access a file that you have up to be shared, the downloader is prompted to complete a quick survey from FileIce first.

Once they have completed the survey, the downloader gets to use your file and you receive an average of $1.00 for every successfully completed survey. In addition, FileIce promises a 15% conversion rate as well, which is actually pretty high compared to many other, similar sites.
Because FileIce pays out a larger percentage of its advertiser earnings to its affiliates, it has become one of the more popular sites of its type on the internet. This emphasis on paying their affiliates has helped FileIce to grow considerably over the past few years.

How Does FileIce Work?

The key to making FileIce work for you is by promoting the files that you have to share. There are arguably thousands of ways to promote your files for free sharing, but the bottom line is the more interesting and useful the files, the more people will be likely to download them.

FileIce does require that you provide your Social Security number for tax purposes, just like being an affiliate for many other sites. Many affiliates have uploaded many files for sharing and are currently making quite a bit of money for their efforts which shows just how this program really works. However, whether this is the right program for you will depend on a number of factors.

Is FileIce Right for You?

For this FileIce review, the question of whether this system can work for you has been answered. But the question of is this the right program for you is certainly another matter. The benefits of this system are found in its simplicity. Basically, if you have files that other people want to download and are willing to take an extra minute or two to fill out a short survey to do so, then this can be a very profitable experience.

So, for most people FileIce is certainly a simple money-generating system that may work for them with a little effort and persistence. Plus, it is a perfect way for those who want to start making money on the interest to get started without having to make a big investment.


May 8, 2014
4:22 pm
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