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FileIce Active Referral Contest

by Jacob Riggs

So another official referral contest is underway with $2,000 up for grabs. For many months now I've been working hard on spear-heading SEO of my domain This has resulted in Google finally rewarding my domain with a top ranking in searches for keyword "fileice". My domain immediately tracks all visitors and redirects traffic through my referral URL to the homepage. With an ability to track my URL visitors, I can proficiently keep tabs on the effectiveness of my new Google position and approval average of my referrals. This has resulted in my project to promote my URL producing very positive results for both parties, as FileIce has always had huge SEO competition with content promoted by its own members, and over time all official media has significantly dropped in Google rankings. This has resulted in demand for the recruitment of new applicants falling directly into the hands of existing members, such as myself.

Obviously all applicants still require manual approval. And every manually approved referral may still require my management and guidance to perform well. However, I have high hopes for the PPD market over the Christmas online trading period, and no doubts that FileIce will continue to perform well. In respect of my long-standing partnership with FileIce and a mutual interest in our continued promotional prosperity, I vow to continue driving my referral flagship forward! Remember remember, the fifth of November...

Ralph Meddows

November 5, 2013
2:34 pm
Just curious, but how many referrals do you have?
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