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The successful versus the failures.

by Jacob Riggs

Have you ever met people that always seem to make everything work? I'm talking about the successful becoming more successful, where no obstacle has ever been able to stop them making money. The type of people who if you stripped away every material or resource they had, they would still somehow find their way towards success again. 

And have you ever met the people who just seem to fail at everything? The successful versus the failures.They come up with great plans towards success, but always fail to execute them well enough to "make it".

Both groups of people are human. They breathe the same air and live in the same world.

Well I know both types of people and the difference seems to be in how they approach life and business. It's a perspective, not necessarily an innate ability or particular business acumen. The people who turn everything into gold seem to view life as something completely within their control. External forces must be dealt with, but its within this person's control to change, adapt, and work around these external forces. They never ever let an external force decide the fate of themselves or their business. If a business or test doesn't work out and you ask them why, they reply "I wasn't able to penetrate the market like I wanted to" or "I wasn't smart in dealing with my competition and they squeezed me out".

The other group of people who never seem to make it, attach more weight (perhaps way too much) on the power of external forces. They approach their business as very dependent on outside variables. If they make a decision that doesn't work, they reply "the market wasn't able to be penetrated" or "the competition had a market advantage so my business couldnt compete".

These two differences are VERY small but the impact they have is enormous. The entrepreneurs who drive their own business and hold themselves accountable for the fate of every decision are the ones who seem to turn everything into gold. The ones who blame the outcome of their decisions on external factors never seem to gain momentum in their business.

Anyway, I feel like I am just rambling at this point but if there is something I think you should take away from this verbose rambling, it would be... take responsibility and control of your decisions. Be the driver of your own success, dont rely or blame an outcome on exernal forces.

To your success and prosperity in your personal and professional endeavors!


September 8, 2012
7:01 am
I think following your interest is a big step towards success. I believe that when you truly follow your interest you will work with so much passion that nothing can stop you.

Have goals and work towards them. Write a list. Whenever you can, start writing you want to have in your life. Then let your mind create a mental picture you can work towards.


August 24, 2012
12:00 am
I have simple fund-as in life. Be positive, try to give work output with every trial, learn from mistakes, and listen other words too. In these ways some one can get help in success.


August 23, 2012
3:12 pm
I guess now I will have to stop saying "the secret to success is knowing who to blame for your failures!"
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