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PayPal causes problems for FileIce

by Jacob Riggs

PayPal is at it again. This time FileIce has encountered a few problems and will consequently need to switch over to PayPal’s new “MassPay” system. Although this might have caused a minor inconvenience for those of us that expected to receive our PayPal payout by now, the FileIce staff have ensured us they’re doing all they can to quickly establish another working relationship with the reputably difficult payment processor.

From my experience, communicating with PayPal over the phone is never as easy as it sounds. Because PayPal’s diabolic policies are almost always changing, first-level employees often struggle to identify ethical solutions to customer problems. Staff permissions are also limited in fear of deviating procedures they all perceive differently, and the line of communication typically breaks down when customer-originating explanations are lost in translation between different departments.

In the FileIce forums I notice discussion regarding alternative payment methods such as Alertpay and Payoneer being considered for future implementation, but obviously anything requiring future financial management needs to be thought-out carefully. Like many other account holders, I look forward to such payout options becoming available and am eagerly awaiting our next PayPal update.


February 18, 2012
11:19 am
Well, that's what I mean. Does instant payment qualify as a mass payment? I'm thinking not, but being ignorant of the facts I'm not totally sure.


February 16, 2012
3:19 am
@Homer, It just means your fees are going to be higher. From what I have read there will be no slowing down of the payments, just higher fees, unless the affiliate programs you're thinking of only use affiliates in the US.


February 15, 2012
11:19 pm
I look forward to getting PP back, but I know Mass Pay fees are something like 2% per transaction. Annoyingly, PP fees always seem to defy gravity.

Do you think this new fee structure will affect all affiliate programs with instant paypal payments? I'm a bit confused about it...


February 13, 2012
5:17 pm
paypal sucks. my account got limited at $700 for no reason and now i have to wait six months befor i can withdrew. i hope they do start usin payoneer
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