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Adscend Media in the firing line with Facebook

by Jacob Riggs

Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna (center) speaks at a press conference announcing legal action against Adscend Media at Facebook’s Seattle office while Assistant Attorney General Paula Selis (left) and Facebook General Counsel Ted Ullyot listen. Well it looks like Adscend Media might be in a bit of trouble. According to recent news, they have been allegedly earning over $20 million a year via a nifty Facebook scam. Strangely enough, they might not have even been aware of it.

Apparently, all those viral videos we saw our single digit IQ Facebook friends sharing linked directly to an advertiser’s splash page where Adscend received a commission for every unique visitor. All visitors were unknowingly redirected from their intended destination without consent.

With all this in mind I can’t say I’m too surprised, what with Facebook being the second most visited site in the world, eventual exploitation of its “sharing” features is to be expected. Though it appears Adscend is taking all the negative heat from these allegations, despite the culprit actually being a third-party publisher working in indirect affiliation with their company.

The law has its own practices in holding people responsible for unlawful actions. But who’s morally guilty? I vote Facebook for allowing a public body to openly deviate privacy restrictions. Why should Facebook profit from suing Adscend when it was Facebook’s users that were in the firing line for Facebook’s failing security measures? It just doesn’t seem fair to me. Though it just goes to show how ingenious some internet marketing methods really are.


January 31, 2012
12:21 pm
I cant see what the point is of going to court over it for though. If a judge starts seeing likes at the equivalent as email... something is wrong lol.


January 30, 2012
6:40 am
Interested to see how this will turn out since I know the exact method that was happening here and more networks that were involved with it (allegedly). Facebook's IPO is coming so a cleanup is in the works.
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