Satoshi Mines
Satoshi Mines


Archives on FileIce

Here you will find my erudite information archives on FileIce.

Originally a harvested collection of fruitful statements made by staff in the official FileIce forums, I have since concisely rewritten them in the interest of conveniently providing affiliates with accurate information.

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  • Check/Cheque

    A check is a tangible piece of paper that contains a written order instructing a bank to pay a specific sum of money from the issuing party to another. On the check, the name Crosstown Services Inc. will be prominently visible. This is the third-party...

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  • ACH Direct Deposit

    ACH is an acronym and stands for Automated Clearing House. An ACH direct deposit can only be sent to US banks and is typically the preferred payment method of choice for FileIce affiliates domestic to the US. Not only is an ACH direct deposit fast...

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  • Earnings

    For every Survey/Offer that a lead successfully completes, the referring affiliate account will be credited with earnings. These earnings are a commission determined by the Advertiser’s decided value of each individual Survey/Offer they supply...

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