Satoshi Mines
Satoshi Mines


Archives on FileIce

Here you will find my erudite information archives on FileIce.

Originally a harvested collection of fruitful statements made by staff in the official FileIce forums, I have since concisely rewritten them in the interest of conveniently providing affiliates with accurate information.

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Affiliate Rules
  • Uploaded Content

    Any content affiliates choose to upload that utilises the FileIce content gateway for profit must not include any prohibited content. This is detailed further in Section 6 of the FileIce Terms and Conditions all affiliates agree to upon successful...

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  • Copyright Infringed Content

    FileIce strictly prohibits the use of copright infringing content. Any affiliates found in violation of that provision are liable to have their content permanently removed and their affiliate account terminated. In the event copyright infringing content...

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  • File Downloads

    Files uploaded and made available to the public for download are the responsibility of the corresponding affiliate. Downloads that are believed to have occured from fraudulent or deceptive means on behalf of the uploader may be in breach of the service...

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  • Affiliate Responsibilities

    As with any CPA motivated PPD platform, all approved affiliates are expected to satisfy certain conditions of responsibility over their accounts. This is more formally noted in Section 2 of the FileIce Terms and Conditions, and details appropriate...

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